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Everyone enjoys great food. It’s typically a highlight at most any type of event large or small and a reliable spark of excitement for your hungry guests. An elegant catered wedding reception is one obvious example, but the same benefits apply to practically all sort of events where people get-together: delicious, professional Catering always satisfies whether you’re hosting a retirement party, a birthday celebration, a graduation party or a business event.

VERITÀ Batavia has an experienced, knowledgeable event planning team ready to make your next special event a major success. When details are important, know the staff at VERITÀ is sincerely committed to preparing and serving the finest quality Catering experience.



Our Catering services are ideal for: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, school picnics and end-of-year parties, sporting events and tailgating parties, corporate training and sales seminars, neighborhood block parties, family reunions, Fourth of July parties, holiday celebrations and more.

A few thoughts on Catering for weddings.

Planning a catered wedding usually starts with basic questions: what is the estimated guest count? Is the wedding style formal or more informal? Will the wedding ceremony space have to be converted into a dining area? Because weddings are a relatively choreographed event, we tend to recommend full-service Catering so the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Alternatively, if you are planning a smaller informal get-together, a catered buffet can be an excellent option with our staff on site for serving, portion management, clean-up etc. Another possibility is a traditional sit-down meal with a Catering team serving your guests beverages and appetizers upon arrival, ensuring that the main course is presented on schedule and continuing service through completion.

Practically any large party that is likely to involve 25 or more guests can benefit from professional event Catering services. At VERITÀ Batavia, we specialize in the kind of excellent cuisine and customized planning that will ensure your catered event will be a delightful experience for all of your guests. Give us a call and let us know the details of what you have in mind – we’ll create a menu tailor-made for your event!

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Any kind of a corporate event, whether it’s a retirement party, a company picnic or a seminar for sales or training, presents an excellent opportunity for networking new contacts and collaboration. In order for your next event to fully attain its potential, it’s essential to plan accordingly to fulfill your guests’ needs. For most events, this involves serving quality food and beverage.

On this page, we will take a look at some of the reasons why professional Catering usually represents the smartest and best choice for providing food and beverages at corporate special events. At VERITÀ Batavia, we specialize in catering and have experience in accommodating corporate special events in a range of settings and guest counts. If you’re planning a corporate event and thinking about Catering, please give us a call and tell us what you have in mind. We can create a customized menu your guests will enjoy – and at rates that work with your budget.

Accommodate Your Guests’ Diet Restrictions

Perhaps a few people on your sales staff have a preference for crab cakes, but what if there are others who are allergic to shellfish? Or maybe there are a number of guests who are vegetarian, vegan or on a gluten-free diet plan. When you choose to hire VERITÀ Batavia for our professional Catering services, simply let our experienced team know which particular dietary restrictions you’d like the menu to accommodate. As Catering experts, we offer a number of menu options specifically for those customers who have food allergies or other dietary requirements. With VERITÀ handling the preparation and service, you won’t have to stress about the issue and will be free to enjoy yourself!

Classic Menu Options

There are some traditional menu items that are generally established favorites when it comes to a large special event. At VERITÀ we’re known for our outstanding Italian cuisine – we can build a menu
that features some of our traditional pasta, chicken, beef and seafood favorites. This strategy typically assures that your guests will see items they enjoy – and also assures that your big event will be a big success!

Catering and Cost-Effective Planning

Unless you have some relevant industry experience with special events and food and beverage planning, you will probably not be comfortable or have the experience required to accurately plan, deliver and provide the service for large-scale dining. The VERITÀ Catering staff understands how to calculate and prepare precise serving amounts for your estimated guest-count to ensure everyone is more than satisfied.

Professional Experience in Food Handling and Service

Food handling calls for industry-specific knowledge that can be overlooked if not assigned to an experienced provider. When you work with a caterer, you’ll know that you’ve enlisted a professional service team who follows best practices in relation to health standards. Additionally, if you are planning to serve alcohol at your special event, your caterer can advise you if specific permits, licenses or space will be required at the venue you’re using.

Makes a Good Impression of Your Business

Just as appearance and general demeanor sets a tone that your clients will notice, the same notion applies to the quality of food presented at your company’s events. Expertly prepared, served and great-tasting food gives your clients and employees the positive impression that your company is reliable and professional.

Lower Stress and Responsibilities

If you have ever been involved in organizing any sort of large-scale corporate event, you probably know how fast-paced and demanding the process can be from concept, menu planning and food preparation through delivery, set-up, service and clean-up. Delegating this significant responsibility to a Catering company relieves you of that concern so you can be free to enjoy the event with your guests.
VERITÀ Catering services provide trained, uniformed wait staff so that you don’t have to stress about disproportionate serving amounts or the clean-up.

A Positive Atmosphere for Your Corporate Event

The appetizer, entrée, side and dessert items and the style you select can establish the tone for your whole event. For instance, a selection of VERITÀ excellent hors d’oeuvres circulating throughout your event on trays creates a tone of sophistication and help to stimulate conversation and a general sense of fun. Additionally, sitting down for dinner lends a more formal tone to a corporate event and stimulates discussions over the course of the meal. VERITÀ Catering can work along with you to craft a setting that’s just right for your corporate event.

A Variety of Menu Options

When you choose to handle food preparation for a large group on your own, you are somewhat restricted to what kind of menu items you can realistically offer and serve. Even if you can accomplish it for an event or two, most likely your clients and personnel would be ready for something else. When you choose to hire VERITÀ Catering, you’ll have the benefit of selecting appetizers, entrees, side dishes, salads, desserts and more from our diverse menu of fine cuisine.

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